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Dashcam Questions

Model Question Answer
ALL Not able to view my camera on my Mac Our units are not compatible with Mac operating systems, must use PC
ALL Why would the unit need to be connected to a PC? Mainly to view/download recorded files to your PC. Also, once you download map viewer software from our website, you can view on a map where the video was recorded. Link: http://unidensupport.com/CAM650
ALL How does the Loop Recording work? Once the memory is full, the feature will start recording over the older files first as long as it has room with unprotected files.


Dashcam Video Player Compatibility

Video Player CAM500/625 CAM650 CAM945 CAM945G/GT
Windows Media Player Video only Video only Video only Video only
Uniden Driving Recorder Player (for CAM650) Not supported Video + G-Sensor + Map Not supported Not supported
DVRPlayer_CarDVR (for CAM945) Video only Video only Video + G-Sensor Video + G-Sensor + Map

Radar Detector Questions

Model Question Answer
ALL Will there be an update for the Traffic Sensor? We are periodically performing updates, please check back on Uniden.com

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