Top Questions for the Uniden BC345CRS Scanner

  1. Instructions for Programming your BC345CRS Scanner - See Below

  2. Reset the BC345CRS Scanner

Uniden BC345CRS

Instructions for Programming Your Uniden BC345CRS Scanner

Programming Steps: 

1. Press Hold
2. Type In your desired Channel Number
3. Press Hold
4. Press E
5. Type in your desired frequency
6. Press E

For each additional frequency, you would:

7. Press the up arrow button once 
8. type in your next frequency
9. press E 
10. Repeat steps 4, 5, & 6 until all desired frequencies have been entered 
11. Press Scan

Reset the Settings on the BC345CRS Scanner

Watch a Youtube video on Resetting Your BC345CRS Scanner

To reset the BC345CRS Scanner Settings, do the following steps:

1. Remove backup batteries from the scanner
2. Unplug the adapter from the back of the scanner, NOT from the wall
3. Hold down the 2, 9, and HOLD keys
4. Reconnect the adapter while holding the 2, 9, and HOLD keys
5. Release the buttons once the screen indicates the memory has been cleared

This should clear the memory of the scanner.

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