Top Questions for Uniden BCD996XT Scanner

  1. How do I fix my audio cutting In and out?

Uniden BCD996XT

Turning off Close Call Feature on Your Uniden BCD996XT Scanner

If you have C inside of a bullseye icon in the screen or the radio.

Tap, do not hold, the Squelch knob into the radio until the icon disappears from the display window.

If the screen happens to change to show a Custom Search or a Service Search: 

1. Tap the Func key (silver knob) on the front of the radio and tap the L/O key twice
2. Repeat if another Custom or Service Search appears in the screen during your scan

Turning off Weather Feature on Your Uniden BCD996XT Scanner

Watch a "How-To" video.

If you see the WX in the screen, you would: 

  1. Press menu
  2. Scroll down to WX Operation and press E
  3. Scroll down to WX Alt Priority and press E
  4. Scroll to Off and press E

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