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ULC58 LightCam Firmware Upgrade

When purchasing a ULC58 LightCam, and pairing with either a UDR777HD or UDR780HD Wireless Video Security System, you will need to upgrade the firmware to your system.    

                              ULC58 LightCam Firmware  

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Product Supported AppCam 21 AppCam 23 USHC41 UDR744 UDVR Series UDVR Series G455 WDVR4-2
    AppCam 24HD HC54 UDR744HD UNVR Series UNVR Series G755 WDVR4-2 HDD
    AppCam 25HD HC84 UDR777HD B6440D B6440D G766 9WDVR4-2
    AppCam 26PT USHC-1 UDR780HD G6440D G6440D G955  
      USHC-2   G6440D1 G6440D1 UDS655  
      USHC-3   G6840D1 G6840D1    
      USHC-4   G6860D2 G6860D2    
          G6880D2 G6880D2