APPCAM21 Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure you get the best quality and connection:
• Router security level must be a minimum of WPA/WPA2.
• Your router security level must support DHCP protocol and the DHCP option must be turned on.
• The AppCam and your mobile device must connect to the same WiFi router for setup.
• Available WiFi-enabled mobile device such as Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet.

How much recording time is allowed?
• 1GB = 1 hour (640 x 480) or 2 hours (320 x 240)
• 4GB = 8 hours (640 x 480) or 4 hours (320 x 240

Setup for Email Notifications

Settings to add email notifications for GMAIL.  Unfortunately, there are many different types of email configurations, but GMAIL does work if you are having trouble with your own.


Taking Care of Your CAMERA
When dust and grime builds up on the camera lens and glass, it affects night vision capability. The infrared light reflects off of the dust and grime, limiting the camera’s “vision.” Use a microfiber cloth to regularly clean the cameras or when night vision video is cloudy or unclear.

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Recycling and Disposal Information
• Do not dispose of electronic devices or any of their components (especially batteries and LCD displays) in your municipal trash collection.
• Consult your local waste management authority or a recycling organization like to find an electronics recycling facility in your area.