Caller ID Features & Functions

Caller ID is available from your telephone provider. With this service, you can see the name and number of incoming callers.
  Note: If you do not subscribe to caller ID with your local telephone company, caller ID will not display for incoming calls.

While viewing a caller ID location , you can add or remove a "1" for long distance dialing by pressing the " * " key. You can also add or remove the area code before the number if your local dialing does or does not require the area code before the number by press the " # " key.   After you have done either of these simply press the "TALK" key when you are ready to dial the number. 
   Note: These features may or may not work depending on the model that you have.

Having Trouble With Caller ID?

1.  Do you have Caller ID service through your local provider.

2.  Is the phone cord hooked to any splitters, computers, fax machines, caller ID boxes, or secondary answering machines?
  - Try connecting the phone cord directly into the wall phone jack without it being connected to anything else.

3.  Are there any other phones in the residence besides the Uniden? 

   - Different phone jacks pull in different signal strength.  The Uniden may not be getting enough through the jack the to pull up the caller ID information.  The signal strength needed for each phone is different.
   - Unplug all of the phones except the Uniden.
   - Move the Uniden phone to a phone jack where the caller ID is currently working.  See if the phone works there.
   - Check the life of the battery, it may need a new battery.

 4.  Do you have distinctive ring? 

   - If the ring doesn't have a 4 second stop between each ring, the Caller ID may not display.  Uniden phones pick up the caller ID after the second ring.

5.  Do you have Voicemail (VM) through the telephone company?

   - If the voicemail picks up before or on the 2nd ring, it may prevent the CID from displaying any information.

6.  Last resort Test - Try the unit in another residence to see if it works there. 
If so - the phone company needs to be alerted to check the phone lines

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