My DVR Setup

Congratulations on your purchase of a Uniden Guardian wired video security system.  To help you get the most out of your purchase and make the Do It Yourself installation as easy as possible, we have created 13 unique help videos to get you through the most common setup procedures.  

What's in the Box Installing Cameras Setting Up the DVR Setup Wizard Basic Settings
Live Settings Recording Settings Schedule Recording Search & Playback  
Dropdown & Color Settings Network, Remote & Port Forwarding Video Backup User Accounts  


 Help Documents

 Guardian Wired Security Quick Start Guide (.pdf)

 Guardian Wired Setup Guide (.pdf)

 Port Forwarding (.pdf)



 (Guardian B & G Series) 
            * Not compatible with UDVR / UNVR Series

 4 Channel Systems (.rar compressed)

 8 Channel Systems (.rar compressed)


 Frequently Asked Questions 

 Q: My new Guardian system beeps after I have set it up, what’s happening?

 A: There is a default buzzer when the DVR is not connected to the internet/LAN.

 To disable this, follow these instructions:
 Settings > Basic > Alarms > Other Alarms > Drop down list to “Disconnect” > Turn off the “Buzzer” option by deselecting the checkbox > Exit

 Q: I lost my administrator password, how do I reset it?

 A: For security purposes so that others cannot access your DVR / NVR with a default password, you must call customer care to enable your system to be reset.

 Q: Which mobile application should I use to view my DVR / NVR remotely?

 A: The Uniden ProHD application should be used from Apple / Android / Amazon stores. However, during fall 2016 the application will updated to “Guardian” and will have  new features and an updated user experience.


 Q: I have my security system setup, but cannot view remotely on my phone or tablet.

 A: Check these items for troubleshooting:

  • Ensure you have internet connectivity to the DVR / NVR.

  • Is the Ethernet cable plugged into the DVR / NVR?

  • Is there a green flashing light where the Ethernet cable plugs into the DVR / NVR?

  • If not, then you most likely don’t have connectivity to your network.

 If you do have internet connectivity, you may need to setup additional settings in your router like Port Forwarding. Please see the Help Documents section specifically the  Port Forwarding document.

 Q: Do I need any special hardware to have audio or Pan / Tilt / Zoom capabilities?

 A: Yes, cameras do not come with audio and additional microphone & speakers would need to be purchased. These are not Uniden specific and use standard audio in/out.  PTZ cameras are special cameras that have motorized cameras that can be moved to see where you want both by DVR / NVR and remotely on the app.

 Please see for more options on PTZ cameras.

 Q: What is the procedure for updating the firmware for my DVR / NVR?

 A: First ensure you are downloading the correct firmware for your system. Uniden has 3 series of wired DVR / NVR. UDVR/UNVR series and the Guardian B & G series.

 1. Download the firmware to a USB2.0 compatible flash drive.
 2. Insert the flash drive into the “rear” USB2.0 slot of the DVR.
 3. Restart your DVR / NVR
 4. The screen should say “Updating” instead of the Uniden logo. When completed, the system will reboot itself.

 Q: How do I backup a video(s) off my DVR / NVR?

 A: To backup videos, you can connect a flash drive or USB external HDD to the front of the DVR or back USB2.0 port.

 1. Open the main menu > Backup
 2. Choose the events you want to back or all events.
 3. Click backup
 4. For many events or all, this process will take some time and storage capacity. Ensure you have enough storage for the backup before proceeding.