Firmware/Download Date Version Download
ULC58 Add On Firmware for UDR777HD / UDR780HD 08/31/16 UDR77760

G755 / G766 / G955

Release notes:
Fix issue with "Record File Error" that causes user to format SD card


  1. Download firmware to your PC
  2. Unzip the file which will produce 2 firmware files
  3. Transfer files to a clean, formatted SD card.
  4. Insert SD card into your monitor
  5. Settings > firmware upgrade and proceed with monitor instructions. 
  6. After upgrade, depending on your hardware, go to Settings > Information and ensure the firmware is now now A2.4.6
12/9/16 V A2.4.6

UDS655 Media Player

9/7/2012 V


Wireless Camera Compatibility Chart 
Guardian Series
UDS Series
UDS655          x                
UDR Series
UDR444           x x            
UDR744HD                x        
UDR780HD                    x  
WDVR Series 
WDVR4-2                          x
WDVR4-2 HDD                         
9WDVR4-2                          x

Frequently Asked Questions
UDR744 / 744HD / 777HD / 780HD  

What are the different resolutions?

UDR744 = VGA
UDR744HD = 720p
UDR777HD = 1080p
UDR780HD = 1080p

How do I pair a camera?

Go to Settings > Camera > Pairing.  
Press the number of the camera to pair, then press the pairing button on the camera within 30 seconds.

What is the maximum memory card that can be supported?

UDR744/UDR744HD can support up to 64GB.
UDR777HD / UDR780HD can support up to 256GB.

* Memory cards are often limited by the devices they support.

720p and below should utilize Class 4 memory cards and 1080p video should utilize a Class 10 memory card when possible.

How do I adjust the brightness of the cameras?

The brightness can be adjusted by choosing the single camera mode, clicking the settings icon and then changing the brightness.  You cannot change brightness while in dual or quad mode. 

Why do I get SD card error?  What should I do to fix it?

First, ensure your SD card is not in “write protect” be ensuring the switch is in the unlock position.  Second, if possible format your memory card using the format function in General Settings

How can I view my video files on my computer?

You can view your video files by removing the SD card and inserting into an SD card reader.
What format are the video files in? You can use the Uniden “U Guard” application to view from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.
How do I adjust the audio volume of the cameras? Enter single screen mode by touching one of the screens in dual/quad mode.  Then use the buttons on the right side of the monitor to turn the volume up or down.

What are the Frames Per Second?

Frames Per Second  
                                   1080p   720p   VGA

           UDR780HD      10fps    24fps   N/A
           UDR777HD      10fps    24fps   N/A
           UDR744HD       N/A      15fps   25fps
           UDR744            N/A       N/A     25fps

Are there steps to view video on a computer?

The surveillance systems are designed to be viewed on the monitor or using your smartphone / tablet using the Uniden “U Guard” application

Can my system be remotely viewed using Skype?

The system is not designed to be remotely viewed using Skype.  

My system isn't recording motion?

On systems UDR744 / 744HD / 777HD / 780HD the Passive Infrared Sensor motion sensor is always on and enhanced motion detection can be turned in General Settings. Ensure you have enhanced motion detection turned on in settings

What is the order of the viewing modes? Sequence Mode: Sequence, channel 1 > channel 2 > channel 3 (if camera attached) > channel 4 (if camera attached) > dual mode > sequence again

Scan Mode: With Scan Mode, the monitor’s screen and speakers are off until a camera detects motion.  That camera then displays a full screen until there is no motion for 15 seconds.  Press and release the power button quickly to turn scan mode on/off.

What is the default password for the Uniden “U Guard” application? The default password is 000000.  It is suggested to change your default password to a more complex and individual one for security purposes. 


UDW Wireless Video Systems

Support for these legacy systems is found at:  UDW Support